If you are an individual or organization that likes having options, you should be dealing with Minuteman Agency for your group benefits. Unlike most agents or brokers, we have contacts with over 50 health, dental, and life insurance companies. With our resources you can be assured of getting a comprehensive, competitively priced product for your company. No longer will it be necessary for you to sift through dozens of quotes, and meet with numerous agents every time you want to review rates and coverage. We will do the research and give you the BEST quotes from the TOP COMPANIES along with a comprehensive analysis of benefits and premiums.

In addition to service and selection, Minuteman Insurance Agency offers our clients other benefits such as their own HR administration website.

This site is free to all of our clients and is a very useful HR tool offering clients the most current physician networks for all our carriers, a forms warehouse, a Q and A section, an explanation of benefits, a company calendar and announcement section, and more. This site is yours to do with as you please allowing the HR administrator to upload as many forms as they wish. If you would like to look at our demo site, please click here and use the following for login purposes:

Username: ABC Industries
Password: ABC123

If you would like to know more about what our agency can do for you, please contact us. If you would like to receive a no obligation quotation from the top carriers in your area, please click here.