Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation, a.k.a. employer’s liability, is not only necessary, but it’s the law. In NJ, if you are an employer and either have one or more employees or are an s-corp or c-corp you must carry workers compensation according to the law or you may face severe fines for failure to do so.

This being said, it is not always easy to find an agency who writes workers compensation. Our agency is proud to say that we can write workers compensation for almost any type of business.

In fact, we have WC programs for certain types of businesses, including restaurants and contractors, that feature a significant dividend payable at the end of the year if the policy has a favorable loss history. There are restrictions associated with this program but it’s very unique and can mean huge savings for clients with sizable workers compensation premiums. If you would like more information on our workers compensation programs please contact us, or if you would like a quote, please click here.

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